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Full text of "De Mau Mau : a factual account of racism in the white press."

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The slander of 9 black men by 8 or more white reporters from Chicago 
papers began after a press conference Sunday October 15, 1972, headed by 
County Sheriff Richard Elrod, State's Attorney Edward Hanrahan and 
Chicago Police Supt. James Conlisk. It was announced there that the 
murder of the Paul Corbett family (4 killed) in Barrington Hills and the 
killing of one Micheal Gerchenson in Southern Illinois were linked 
through the same .30 caliber rifle (yet unf ound) ; at the same time, 
reporters learned that a .25 caliber pistol (unf ound) connected the 
triple killing of Stephen Hawtree and family with the murder of a 
G.I. William Richter. There was a single link connecting all 9 
murders, and that was the confession of a single informant which 
came after police interrogation without counsel. The informant can 
only describe one of the murder scenes (the Corbett family) . which 

he says, was told him by someone else. 1 

These were the main facts in the hands of the white news media 
when they began their imaginative handling of the De Mau Mau story on 
October 15. 

The Daily News began slandering and gossiping on Monday, October 
16, in the front page headline story by two white reporters. From 
this story every major news item has proved to be unsubstantiated 
rumor or a lie. 

The story relates— a black gang on the verge of carrying off 
murders of white police, Chicago and suburban; the gang was 300-400 
strong in Chicago and 3,000-4,000 strong nationwide; the gang supposedly 
originated in both Viet Nam and Germany with the bombing of white 
officers, and it was speculated that they are involved in several 
other murders across the nation. 

The Daily News headline proved to be a completely unsubstanti- 
ated rumo*, and, according to its sister paper, the Chicago Sun- 
Times, "probably false". The size of the gang was also rumor (Inves- 
tigators said Tuesday they doubt Chicago De Mau Mau group was part of 

any national anti-white terrorist organization.") The nature of 
the De Mau Mau organization was also a probable lie. According 
to a couple of black veterans, De Mau Mau was a secret non-violent 
fraternity aimed at fighting racial discrimination. One veteran 
was interviewed by a black reporter of the otherwise white, 
Chicago Today staff, Barbara Reynolds, and the other by Micheal Miner 
of the Chicago Sun-Times. Unfortunately no black reporters nor 
any black people having leads into black veteran; a groups were 
called to check the veracity of the fantastic rumors until after 
the lies and rumors were front page. 

Chicago Today's Monday story was also about a "murder gang. . . 
3,000 strong", which had already killed "9. . . in Illinois alone " 
And, in an added display of overt racism accused the nine unconvicted 
brothers of carrying on the "Mau Mau's legacy of hate." Thus the 
reporter doubled his lie-mileage, turning the history of white 
oppression around in Africa by accusing the victums of hating 
over there, while he entertained his white readers at black 
peopled expense here in Chicago. 

The Tribune reporters, while exploiting the racial aspects of 
the killing and the possible link with the murder of Kathleen Fiene 
(adding to racial tensions in Gage Park), like other news gang 
members apparently pressed Elrod for more murders. They 
quoted him as saying, "It would be purely speculative. . ." 
Despite the unverifiable nature of and the meaningless-ness 

of pure speculation, the reporters went ahead and printed his 
prediction that there were more unsolved murders connected with 
De Mau Mau. 

The Sun-Times let everyone see for themselves, the suspects are 
all black young men, and without bothering to find out who and how 
many, associated them with Malcolm X College, 

Particularly the Daily News and the Chicago Today continued, 
throughout the week, to print lies, unfounded rumors and third and 
fourth-hand information, on the front page. They showed no desire 
to inform the public of the truth but rather to convince the 
public that they had a good story. 

Here are examples of their incompetent reporting: 

1. Sheriff Elrod was quoted as saying "We have the ringleaders, 
• . . We have the primary triggermen."And yet in the same story 
the gang is said to be nationwide numbering in the thousands. The 
quote of primary triggermen is revealing as to the number of 
people the Chicago law thinks are in the gnag(if it does exist) 
and is contradictory to news-reporters 1 speculation. Why weren't 
reporters motivated to clear up the contradiction? 

2, The Daily News linked the gang to a slaying in Oklahoma of 
a state trooper and a store manager and his family on the basis of 
a toll ticket found in the auto of one victum, Micheal Gerchenson. 
Yet his auto was found by the Chicago Police two weeks before the 

Oklahoma murders* 

3. It was noted that the auto carrying the suspects had some of 
the same "unusual" ammunition used in two of the murders. The 
Chicago Journalism Review points out that this ammunition is easily 
obtainable and therefore although different from domistic-made 
ammunition not very unusual. 

4. In a manner worthy of mailicious over-the-fence gossip, 
though this time before millions, the Daily News graphically 
describes the "Inside Story of (the) Slaughter in Barrington Hills". 
This front page story was given to reporters second-hand from 
un-named police sources — who got their information from an un-named 
informer, who later said in court that he had heard it from 
someone else. This improbable account was somehow worthy of being 
front page information for Chicagoans. 

5. During the same week Chicago Today's editorial page 
pictured black soldiers invading the city, while the accompanying 
editorial ran — "Get these terrorists into custody before they kill 
more of us." 


1. The guns which are a major piece of evidence have not been 
found, even through police claim a full confession. 

2. The guns are linked ballistically by the Chicago Crime Lab 2 , 
the same lab which concealed information in the Fred Hampton police 


3. There appears to be no evidence that would prove a 
conspiracy in the nine murders, nor have conspiracy charges been 
made by the law. In other words, while the police feel they have 
no case for conspiracy, the Chicago papers build their whole story 
around some wild conspiracy and omit this truth, 

4. Edward Hanrahan was on the verge of being defeated in his 
bid for re-election. A competent Republican State's Attorney would 
be able to do a lot of cleaning house at the expense of the democrats ♦ 
It is possible that the democrats were out to win a white fear vote 
with Hanrahan posing as their savior. 


Up to this point the facts haven't been too startling, I suppose, 

to many people since it follows the same pattern — whenever anything 

happens to black people which makes white people appear to be wrong 

then the paper finds two sides to the story; but when the positions are 

reversed, the surface treatment is all you will see, unless you look 

real close. Yet the papers continue to deny their bias: 

I can assure you that the newspapers in this great country 
of ours — the Chicago Tribune among them — will continue 
to be honest, fair, accurate and objective in printing 
the news. We will continue to tell it like it is — 
without fear or favor. 

— Harold Grumhaus, Publisher 
Chicago Tribune, Harvard Club 
November 2, 1972 

The reporters we talked to denied they were racist, while 
admitting that their stories exploited racial fears. They were 
trying to sell a story. It had the ingredients to sell, murder, 
wealthy victums (and race) . One reporter admitted that from what he 
knew of black G.I.'s the story, as explained by Chicago police 
officials, was n unbelieveable ,T . But evidently he believed, because 
he accepted it, and added to it considerably. 

The story of De Mau Mau ran for a week, polluting any 
atmosphere in which justice would be involved for the suspects; 
at the same time it maligned Malcolm X College, and its students, 
alienated black veterans, and increased racial tensions all over the 

We believe that we can truthfully charge the Chicago news- 
papers with slander, lying, racism and promoting race hatred and 
general fears between blacks and whites, as well as promoting fear 
by black people of black G.I.'s. And we point out that Chicago 
newspapers are prone to do this generally—that is, to promote 
fear, and alienation, and for black people hatred of self. 

WE CALL for all black and other decent peoples to support the 

CALL: 924-6575 or 924-6576 or SEND CONTRIBUTIONS TO: 

21 E. VAN BUREN, RM. 601 

Wn Weston, "What's it all about, Eddie?", Chi^o_Jou H valis J n 
Review , (December, 1972), p. 3. 

2 Ibid . , p. 4. ■ 

*We have withheld the names of all reporters at the request of 
one on the terms that our interview with him would be more open 
if he knew in advance that his name was not going to be in print*